Jan 2015

The beginning of a new venture, including text with my images.  Welcome. 

The image below is recent studio work titled -  Mother Earths Garden at Night.  My original idea of having stars turned into fire flies, which I'm happy about.  I believe this image has sprouted, no pun intended, in a new direction regrading detail and narrative.  So... I now plan to fill the frame with more playfulness, adding subtile hints that take me back to childhood and the feeling of truly living in the moment.  This is something I strive for, not only in my work, but in the entire process of producing images.  The ultimate daydreaming, I guess.

The subject below is a friend, she runs a local garden store.  The land crab and worrier beetle are made of sterling silver and hand crafted by Yas Tanaka, a sixth generation Japanese gold smith.  Each joint of the small creatures are hinged with tinny handmade screws allowing all the delicate parts to have motion and the patina of the silver give them even more personality. 

I also collect bugs when given the chance.  The blue beetle in her hair and a larger green beetle on her shoulder are from my collection.  I combine the real and unreal to create a mystical environment.  Some moss and plants are living as they overlap a vintage backdrop of tropical palms, together creating an intimate space for stories to unfold.